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At some point in our life we may lose our way or experience a major loss or injustice. We may just need a place to sort through a dilemma, or guidance in a relationship. Sometimes we just need someone to listen.   During that time we may feel scared, sad, hurt, stuck, confused or angry. Just as physical pain is a sign that something needs attention, so is emotional pain. Therapy is an opportunity to address those issues, learn about oneself, and begin to heal. The process can be complicated. So, a safe, effective place with a skilled therapist can be very helpful.

Therapy involves a process of self-exploration, without judgment or advice giving. We sort things out. We hear and listen to our own voice. We learn about ourselves. We learn new skills, and try on new behaviors. We figure out what works. We get rid of what’s ineffective or no longer fits, which then allows space for growth, peace and acceptance. We learn to make conscious, thoughtful choices and take control of our lives.